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Bloomiing skin boutique
Loosdrecht, Netherlands
Beauty Jolie BV
Zandhoven, Belgium
Deluxe skincare
Knokke-Heist, Belgium
Derma Diamant
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Turnhout, Belgium
Heverlee, Belgium
La Beauté au Naturel
Chaumont Gistoux, Belgium
Karel Gruyaert
Brugge, Belgium
LouiseG Dermo
Uccle et La Hulpe, Belgium
Institut Riviera
Tessenderlo, Belgium
Koersel, Belgium
Nieuwpoort, Belgium
Saint-Ghislain, Belgium

Skin & Face Care

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies such as Microneedling, LED Photobiomodulation and Multipolar Rotary Radiofrequency, our partners offer effective solutions to regenerate skin, combat the signs of aging and restore radiance to your face. These non-invasive treatments stimulate natural collagen production, treat imperfections and guarantee visibly younger, more radiant skin.

Body Care & Hair Removal

For a slimmer figure and softer skin, Celestetic SalonCare partners offer a complete range of body treatments. From Cryolipolysis, which eliminates fatty deposits by freezing, to Definitive Hair Removal with Diode Laser, which offers a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair, each treatment is designed to meet specific needs. Advanced technologies such as Focused Electromagnetic Waves and Rotating Radio Frequency ensure visible results, while guaranteeing safety and comfort for the patient.

Our partners' opinions

Why choose celestetic treatments?

Surprising results

Celestetic's technology is transforming the way we deliver dermatological care. Not only are the results remarkable, but the process is also incredibly gentle on my customers' skin. It's a total change in our field.

Dr. Martin L.

High customer satisfaction

The feedback I get from my customers is incredible. They love the way their skin feels and looks after each session. Celestetic equipment is truly state-of-the-art, offering effective and safe solutions.

Jessica H
SkinCare Specialist

Avant-Garde Technology

Celestetic has propelled us into the future of dermatological care. The ease of use and exceptional results have truly raised the level of satisfaction among our patients. It's a worthwhile investment for any dermatological professional.

Natalie V.
Radiant Skin Clinic.